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Wah, tajuk entri kali ni dalam tulisan Kanji! Haha!! Okay, hari ini Cik TK jumpa sesuatu yang dipanggil Doubutsu Uranai (動物占い). Doubutsu Uranai adalah sejenis cara orang Jepun menilik nasib (fortune telling) ataupun mengenali personaliti seseorang di mana ia membahagikan ciri-ciri manusia kepada 12 jenis haiwan dengan menggunakan tarikh lahir seseorang.

Korang boleh cuba Doubutsu Uranai ni di laman web versi English ataupun kalau korang mahir dengan bahasa Jepun boleh cuba versi Jepun. Akan tetapi, korang tak boleh la nak percaya benda ni. Cik TK pun cuba sekadar main-main sahaja, sambil-sambil nak mengenali karakter diri sendiri.

Cik TK lahir pada 15 Disember. Maka hasilnya kebanyakannya betul (maaf ye malas nak translate, ni Cik TK copy je resultnya):

You are Black Monkey, who has a pretty and a cheerful smile. People depend on you for your kindness and the way you take care of them. You don't possess feminine emotional attraction, but you can make decisions calmly and efficiently. Your cheerful and generous character is popular among men.

You are not very good at reading other people's mind, but you can have a relationship without making others incurring displeasure. Although you are weak on instinct, you can carry out things rationally. You tend to be rather nervous, and if you don't try to relax, you will get mentally tired.

You can go on living with patience. You don't have strong identity, you are straightforward person, and lead consistent life. You will lead a happy and lively life if you put yourself as number two and work under someone.

You don't like to loose, and because you put in great effort, you will not give up halfway and can be full of sprit. But you can lack foresight and are not good at deep speculation. You may be taken advantage of yourself.

And in real life, you don't get interested in hobbies and culture, but you seek for materialistic things. Your objective in life is to lead a life for both personal interest and practical benefit.

Characteristic and personality of Monkey:
  1. Monkeys can't see the forest for the trees
  2. Flatter Monkeys and they may do great things (?)
  3. Monkeys are clever with their hands and good imitators
  4. Monkeys are restless animals of action
  5. Monkeys move easily when given instructions
  6. Monkeys are a cheerful life of the party
  7. Monkeys try hard if small change is involved
  8. Monkeys are a bit goofy
  9. Monkeys are trusting and easily deceived
  10. Monkeys are curious and want to improve themselves

 Personality by colour:

Classification by 4 groups:

Monkey is in the Earth group, which means that you are Self Centered consciousness and Objective Oriented type:

Self Centered consciousness:
Person in this side, want to keep their own pace of work, and dislike being interrupted by other people. They have a strong sense of "not interfere others, and not being interfered". They prefer to act according to their will.

Objective Oriented type:
This type of person acts after thorough and careful planning. And if they decide on something, they will not want to change their mind in the middle. They work hard to achieve the set objective, and think very high of achievements.

Personal relationships between different types and consciousness:

Objective oriented type vs. Circumstance oriented type

The rifts between these two types are serious, and both types may find it hard to work together. Taking as an example, a situation where "objective oriented type" boy is going out with "circumstance oriented type" girl. The restaurant he decided he wanted to eat happens to be full of people, and they are told to wait for an hour. He says "we decided to eat here, so we should wait." But his girl-friend would think, "if we have to wait for so long, we ought to go to other place."

Self centered consciousness vs. other person consciousness

This type of combination may suffer conflict of opinion depending on certain situations. For example, in a situation where a "self centered consciousness" boy and "other person consciousness" girl are looking for a birthday gift for their mutual friend, he would find a gift according to his taste, whereas she would think about their friend's preferences more.

Okay, ini hasil dari laman web versi English. Cik TK tak cuba pun versi bahasa Jepun, sebab tak mahir dengan bahasa Jepun. Payah pula nak terjemah nanti. Nak guna En. Gugel punya translate pun kadangkala tak betul. Tapi pada sesiapa yang nak cuba boleh singgah versi English atau versi Jepun


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